What We Do

Development Accelerators

We create utility classes, custom page controls, application components, and application frameworks that improve the functionality of your PeopleSoft enhancements and reduce your development costs. Our page controls use Drag, Drop, and Register technology to simplify coding. Our Extensible by Design development methodology ensures you can easily extend their functionality without compromising upgradability. Our development tools are delivered as part of the Enhancement Framework for PeopleSoft.

Management Tools

We create tools to help PeopleSoft users track and manage installed applications. Our management tools are designed to enable exchange of PeopleSoft applications between organizations so you don’t have to recreate something that’s already been developed and refined. Our management tools are a component of the Enhancement Framework for PeopleSoft.


We created and continue to evolve a PeopleSoft development methodology that ensures our work product leads the industry in quality, performance, extensibility, upgradability, ease of support, and minimizing cost of ownership. Our methodology is modeled in the Enhancement Framework for PeopleSoft and available to EFP subscribers.


We develop solutions that enhance and expand the power of PeopleSoft. All our solutions are Extensible by Design so they can be easily modified to meet your unique business requirements. Whether modest ins scope or highly sophisticated, our solutions will provide superior features and functionality while saving you time and money in compared to developing from scratch. Our solutions can be obtained from the Solution Exchange.

Proprietary Solution Development

We develop custom solutions for mission-critical business processes and to enhance competitive advantage for private and public sector enterprises. Our expertise in solution development and our development tools ensure your application will consistently provide a quality user experience and your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Integration Solutions

We created the Integration Framework for PeopleSoft to meet the performance, reliability, scalability, and manageability requirements of large enterprises with complex interface requirements. Whether IFP meets your needs or a custom solution is required, we can design and implement a high-performance integration solution for you.

Performance Tuning & Application Refactoring

We assist organizations experiencing poorly-performing or unreliable processes, interfaces and applications with tuning and refactoring services. Our PeopleSoft technical experts have the skills to get your system running at top-notch efficiently and improve your user experience.

Advisory Services

The technical execution of your PeopleSoft implementation or development project will have an enormous impact on user satisfaction, system performance, and support and upgrade costs. Our mission is to ensure your PeopleSoft project is successful and you receive the full value of your investment.

Solution Marketplace

We are committed to helping organizations reduce the cost of implementing and supporting PeopleSoft by promoting exchange of high-quality enhancements and custom applications. Our Solution Exchange  provides a platform for developers to distribute and users to locate useful EFP-compliant enhancements.